Sprite.com Pitch—

Role: Sr. Art Director

In the early 90’s, Sprite was a soft drink beverage brand known for it’s unity with hip-hop culture. In an effort to refresh this relationship and reestablish consumer's faith in Sprite’s hip-hop sense, Huge was asked to create a vision for the new Sprite.com.

The vision is based around the duality of hip-hop in the 90s and it’s current state. Users can interact with a timeline on the homepage that will jump them back and forth between the 90s and late 2000s where relevant content is served up.

We also plus the ask and created other digital and brand moments throughout the experience.

Scope of work: Pitch

Derek Fridman, ECD
Markmont, Art Director
Ryan Kellogg, Associate Creative Director
James Mabry, Art Director (Motion) 

We designed social content and a custom Sprite player.

Users can collect unique cans to complete the bars.