Warner Bros; Snow TV—
Role: Associate Design Director

What’s the future of TV? In 2015, Warner Bros. Entertainment approached Huge to create an SVOD for the entirety of their programming and assets—ranging all the way from television and movies to comics, music, and character properties. What resulted was an absolutely unprecedented experience for fans and newcomers alike. We took the idea of an SVOD and created not only the most in-depth knowledge source of any and all Warner Bros. properties—it also became a source for social connection, bringing friends, family, and creators all into the same Arena. Nothing between you and your entertainment.

Scope of work: Vision

Derek Fridman, ECD
Lacey Valentini, Art Director
Linda McNeil, Art Director (Motion)
James Mabery, Art Director (Motion)
Matt Bedette, UX Lead

Rethink the best parts of linear television.


Tuner navigation.


We designed a hub for each property that serves up new and juicy content.

We leveraged Warner Bros. vast catalog and designed deep dive moments where users can explore and engage with content related to the shows or movies they’re watching.

A simple layered UI experience. Watch. Tune. Explore.