Role:Design Director

Nakamura.ke is the world’s first glow-in-the-dark pop-up ramen shop, offering a dinner-theater experience combining storytelling, art, and folklore. We collaborated with Zoo as Zoo and created two experiences: The first was a 50-page AR-enabled zine containing the menu, and program for the experience. The second was a set of three 5-feet interactive portraits of the wait staff, which diners can interact with.

Scope of work: Print, AR, Experience

Derek Fridman, Chief Design Officer
Sunny Lee, Designer
Zoo as Zoo, Nakamura.ke Founder/Chief Creative
Frank Nitty 3000, Animations
Karl Injex, the Sound Table DJ/Owner and Sound Curator

Interactive Portraits.

AR Zine.

The visuals were created to capture the raw nature of
a family-run mobile kitchen serving lumen-ramen for the non-commons. It needed to feel like a mom and pop shop tucked away on the streets of Tokyo.

A moment from the AR Zine